Annual Conference

Cross-Border case studies

The annual conference is an opportunity for members of the LEXUNION network, which brings together around one hundred law firms, notary offices and tax experts in 9 countries throughout Europe and Asia, to come together in person around a specific theme.

Topics covered

Conferences usually focus on topical issues in civil and tax law, particularly in the areas of family law, property law and company law.

Attendees firstly analyse how the law of the member countries deals with the same issue, and then present solutions that can be implemented by looking at a cross-border case study. Special consideration is given to international wealth planning.

The conference is organised in such a way that it is an opportunity to meet in a friendly environment, and is open to partners closely associated with the professions represented in the network.

This year’s Congress:

Previous conference themes:

  • International Estate Planning – Focus on Trusts and the settlement of Estates in the UK & Implications of Trusts in civil law countries (London, 2024).
  • Representation of incapable adults and minors & Cross-border circulation of protective measures  Practical aspects (Lisbon, 2023)
  • The “démembrement” (division of right of ownership) in a cross border context – Practical Civil and Tax implications – Part 2: The circulation of the “démembrement” – (Köln, 2022).
  • The “démembrement (division of right of ownership)” in a cross border context Practical Civil and Tax implications – Part 1: The fundamentals in each country – (Bern, 2021).
  • Arrangements for Matrimonial Regimes following the Entry into Force of the Regulations: Consequences from a Civil and Tax Perspective – (Maastricht, 2019).
  • The Commercial Company in an International Context (Bologna, 2018);
  • Structuring Real Estate Acquisitions in an International Context – Part 2: Individuals Relocating Abroad (Barcelona, 2017);
  • Structuring Real Estate Acquisitions in an International Context – Part 1: Buying a Second Home Abroad (Bruges, 2016)
  • Detailed Analysis and Practical Applications of European Regulation 650/2012 (Paris, 2015);
  • Assets without Power & Power without Assets: Separation of Assets and Power in Estate Planning (Montreux, 2014);
  • International Estate Planning (Amsterdam, 2013);
  • Capacity and Representation (Milan, 2012);
  • Matrimonial Regime and Partnership Regime (Brussels, 2011);
  • Optimising Estate Planning and Transmission Tools (Marseille, 2010);
  • Movable and Immovable Property Guarantees and Securities (Berlin, 2009);
  • Legal Forms of Companies and Their Tax Arrangements (Tenerife, 2008);
  • International Real Estate: Analysis of Tax and Civil Law (Morges, 2007);
  • Conventional Estate Planning: Pre-Inheritance Contracts and Alternative Solutions (Nice, 2006);
  • Law of Succession and Matrimonial Regimes: Comparative Law and PIL (Ferrara, 2004 and Amsterdam, 2005);
  • Belgian Law in International Estate Planning: Investments and Taxation in Belgium (Ghent, 2002);
  • Presentation of Spanish Domestic Law: Investment in Securities and Setting Up of Foreign Companies (Madrid, 2002);

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