Committees and working groups

To enable its members to become more efficient and innovative, Lexunion has set up several committees and working groups.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee aims to coordinate scientific work, facilitate teamwork and develop solutions tailored to the international context. It promotes the organisation of symposia, publication of joint projects, etc.


The committee seeks to establish permanent contacts with the academic world with the aim of generating business and improving efficiency.

Innovation Committee

The Innovation Committee studies and analyses the solutions implemented or software used by members in the various countries, with a view to exporting those that have been particularly successful.


The committee also aims to make the most of members’ shared resources in order to carry out new innovative projects that meet the expectations of members and their professions.

Bilateral working groups

Several bilateral working groups also enable countries with regular business flows to collaborate more efficiently on certain recurring themes such as succession between their two countries, property acquisitions and the like.


For example, there are bilateral working groups between France and Switzerland, France and Belgium, Switzerland and Italy, Belgium and Switzerland, and others.

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