International expertise

LEXUNION brings together around one hundred law firms, notary offices and tax experts based in Europe, who work regularly with numerous correspondents in the USA, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia.

As experts in wealth and tax advice, LEXUNION members provide their clients with tailored support on matters with an international dimension, taking into account the unique characteristics of the various legal systems involved.

They anticipate issues arising from the international nature of relations and put in place workable solutions in all countries where the planned transaction is intended to take effect. By doing so, they ensure that the solutions implemented locally or nationally are not rendered invalid by the international nature of the situation.

The notaries and lawyers who are members of LEXUNION work together every day on international cases as part of a team built on trust and efficiency, leveraging the expertise of highly qualified partners in highly specialised fields.

This international approach enables the professionals in the LEXUNION network to come up with innovative solutions to complex legal issues, always looking at things from a global perspective.

Are you a professional in legal and / or tax advice and want to join our network?