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Lexunion International : Origins and values

Founded in 2002 as a non-profit association under Belgian law, LEXUNION (formerly Groupe International Patrimoine & Entreprise) brings together independent legal, wealth planning and tax advice professionals based in Europe, who work regularly with numerous correspondents in the U.S., the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia.
LEXUNION is a multi-professional organisation which brings together the expertise of notaries, lawyers and tax experts.

The LEXUNION network currently comprises around one hundred notary offices and law firms in 8 countries, and is seeking to expand progressively in line with very strict selection criteria.
LEXUNION is managed by an international board of directors, which is renewed every two years by the assembly of delegates.

The official languages of LEXUNION are English and French.

LEXUNION’s actions and services are built around four watchwords:

LEXUNION encourages exchange of know-how and best practices between members during regular work meetings and annual conferences on a specific legal and tax theme.

Foundation year
Offices and cabinets

Organisation of Lexunion International

Assembly of Delegates

The assembly of delegates is made up of representatives from all of the networks and offices/firms that are individual members of LEXUNION. It meets every year to determine the group’s policies and to scrutinise the actions of the Board of Directors.

Are you a professional adviser on legal and/or tax matters? Would you like to join our network?