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Lexunion is an international network of legal professionals who support their clients with innovative strategies for dealing with the international aspects of their business.

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LEXUNION aims to increase the international activities of all of its members by developing know-how and expertise in legal and tax matters.


Lexunion brings together professionals of national renown. All members adhere to an exacting code which has ethics, independence and accountability at its core.


As well as putting members in touch with each other, Lexunion professionals work together to identify international issues that require joint solutions, which are then developed within working groups.


Through our international scientific committees, we promote forward-thinking and devise innovative strategies in the countries where we are present.

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LEXUNION brings together notaries, lawyers and tax experts based in many countries around the world, ready and willing to advise individuals and companies on legal and tax matters, both in their home country and abroad.

As members of regulated professions, LEXUNION’s experts share the core principles of service quality, exchange of know-how and strict compliance with ethical rules.

Thanks to Lexunion, we can support our clients in different countries through collaboration with highly reputable professionals.

Annual Conference

Köln 2022

Our next XIX Annual Congress will be held from 15 to 18 September 2022 in Köln (Hotel Ernst Excelsior), and will focus on the analysis of the division of the right of ownership (“démembrement”) in a cross-border context and its practical civil and tax implications. We will aim this year to understand how the “démembrement” circulates from a country to another.

Our mission: to develop our scientific knowledge internationally

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