International Desk

International Desk

To ensure that members are aware of the wide range of expertise within the network, LEXUNION has set up a permanent body with one or two representatives per member country.


This body is known as the “INTERNATIONAL DESK”.


Network members can choose to speak directly to their usual contacts within the network or get in touch with the INTERNATIONAL DESK representative in the target country who will put them in contact with the most appropriate partner based on their needs.


Coordinated by the management, the INTERNATIONAL DESK mainly serves administrative functions and seeks to improve communication within the network and to improve the handling of issues between members.

The INTERNATIONAL DESK ensures that:

  • Lexunion materials are distributed among member countries;
  • Projects between Lexunion members are centralised and managed as efficiently as possible;
  • The right people to deal with the various matters are identified;
  • Response times and speed of case handling are improved;
  • Each member country implements the decisions approved by the Board of Directors.


The following individuals have been appointed members of the LEXUNION INTERNATIONAL DESK for their respective countries:

  • Germany: Guido J. Imfeld
  • Belgium: John de Brouchoven and Sophie Lohest
  • Spain: Lidia Closa and Eric Puey
  • France: Eugénie Guichot
  • Italy: Sofia Lorenzetti et Francesca Ferrari
  • Netherlands: Marijke Boom
  • Portugal: Rogério M. Fernandes and Olga Neto
  • Switzerland: Philippe Frésard et Pascal Bärfuss
  • United Kingdom: Emma Reade
  • Management: Marie Larivière

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