LEXUNION: Anticipating problems in a climate of trust – Rogério Fernandes Ferreira

Lexunion Interview 20eme anniversaire
Lexunion Interview 20eme anniversaire

Rogério Fernandes Ferreira is lawyer and the founding partner of RFF Lawyers located in Lisbon (Portugal), which is member of LEXUNION since 2022.

He stands out that being part of the LEXUNION network “brings him international clients (…) who are looking to relocate or invest in Portugal”. He emphasises the ease of exchanging ideas with members from other countries, which allows him to offer his international clientele the right solutions and to anticipate problems, without forgetting to stress in passing that LEXUNION is also “a network of friends” in which trust and values have a place of honour.

We would like to thank him for his active participation in the network and for his exchanges with the members of LEXUNION.

LEXUNION is delighted to celebrate 20 years sharing knowledge and experience in international law. If you would like to know more, please join us at https://lexunion.com.

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