LEXUNION : an inexhaustible source of innovative ideas and solutions – Federico Tassinari

Lexunion Interview 20eme anniversaire
Lexunion Interview 20eme anniversaire

Federico Tassinari is a notary in Imola and Bologna (Italy) and a partner in the firm Tassinari & Damascelli, a founding member of the InSignum notarial network, which has been part of the LEXUNION network since 2012.

He points out that LEXUNION is a source of “knowledge, deepening and comparing European perspectives”. He points out that “unfortunately, vocational training (in our countries) is still too focused on the national level”, and highlights how Lexunion helps to remedy this and is always coming up with new ideas and solutions.

We would like to thank him for his active participation in the network and for his collaboration with the members of LEXUNION.

LEXUNION is delighted to celebrate 20 years sharing knowledge and experience in international law. If you would like to know more, please contact-us.

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