LEXUNION: a family that offers turnkey solutions – Philippe Mauler

Lexunion Interview 20eme anniversaire
Lexunion Interview 20eme anniversaire

Philippe Mauler is a notary and associate lawyer at Athémis in Neuchâtel (Switzerland), an associate firm of the Swiss notaries network swisNot, which is a founding member of the LEXUNION network.

He points out that LEXUNION is extraordinary because it is “the only way (…) to be able to discuss international cases in a practical way”, whereas seminars only focus on theoretical issues. He also highlights that his “membership brings him notoriety (…) and enables him to offer turnkey solutions” to his international clientele, without omitting to stress in passing that LEXUNION is also “a family, a network of deep friendship”.

We would like to thank him for her active participation in the network and for his collaboration with the members of LEXUNION.

LEXUNION is delighted to celebrate 20 years sharing knowledge and experience in international law. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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