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LEXUNION wished to commemorate this 20th anniversary and to thank all its members who have made this wonderful adventure possible: both those who have been present since the network was set up, then known as GIPE (Groupe International Patrimoine & Entreprise), and those who have joined us over the years, to continue this beautiful journey together, which has now lasted since 2002.


From the outset, LEXUNION, as an international network of national networks in which all member countries have a prominent place, aims to pool the synergies of its members to develop innovative, but above all secure strategies from all the national perspectives concerned. Its slogan is eloquent: EXPANDING LEGAL HORIZON.

Twenty years later, on the occasion of the 19th annual congress held in Cologne, LEXUNION wanted to give its members the opportunity to explain in a few words what the network evokes for them, what it brings them, and what they gain from the scientific work presented during the annual congress. They were eloquent: Expertise, quality, competence, technicality, excellence, legal security, visibility, concern for the client, not forgetting the trust and friendship that make this possible!


This, then, is LEXUNION’s growth strategy for the next few years: to continue to develop the network, sometimes slowly but always surely, retaining only those candidates who are up to the challenge of keeping these ideals alive, as well as the dynamism and enthusiasm that characterise it.

Happy birthday to Lexunion and its members!

Marie Larivière

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