Founded in 2002 in the form of a non-for-profit association governed by Belgian law, LEXUNION, formerly Groupe International Patrimoine & Entreprise, brings together independent legal, wealth planning and tax professionals in Europe and Chinal and with correspondants throughout the world.

LEXUNION is a multi-profressional organisation combining expertise of notaries, lawyers and tax experts.
The official languages of LEXUNION ar English and French.

The LEXUNION´s operations and services are guided by four watchwords:



LEXUNION members have local professional recognition for their expertise and their ethical code.

In addition to their national legal and tax expertise, they have experience handling international cases.

As they are all members of regulated professions subject to disciplinary checks, LEXUNION members are particularly committed to their moral code, their independence and to respecting professional secrecy.



By joining LEXUNION, members must comply with a rigorous charter according to which they commit to handling information requests and cases issued from other professionals in the network in a reactive and efficient manner.

Know-how exchange


LEXUNION organises the exchange of know-how and best practices between its members during regular work meetings and annual conferences dedicated to a specific legal or tax theme.



Trust is essential at LEXUNION. The connections that have been made between members guarantee the best collaboration conditions to serve our clients.