Are you a legal and/or tax professional and do you want to join our network?

Becoming a member of LEXUNION corresponds first and foremost to a philosophy: bringing together wealth planning and tax experts from across the world to provide clients with the best advice irrespective of where the assets in question are located.

The following informations will be useful for you in reaching your decision.


Our members

Current membership: More than 100 offices throughout Europe and China.


  • Sharing the combined know-how of all the LEXUNION’s professionals, in particular at the annual congress devoted to a specific legal issue
  • Mutual assistance in dealing with client requests involving a question of international law or requiring action abroad
  • Possibility to benefit from specific tools put in place by each member (tax and legal research and knowledge management department, communication, etc.)
  • All members are put forward in all the network’s communication : internet site, publications, press articles, colloquiums and conferences, etc.
  • And, quite simply, the pleasure to meet prominent people in a friendly atmosphere !

Qualities required

The selection criteria have been determined by the LEXUNION board of directors in order to ensure the quality of members and their work within the network :

  • General qualities: Composition/organisation of the firm ; Compliance with rules of good conduct ; Level of training ; Compliance with quality standards ; Representativeness of the professionals in their profession or business and social circles ; Reputation.
  • Competences: legal and tax professionals from regulated professions (notaries, lawyers, solicitors, etc.) providing advice to private individuals and businesses in an international context.
  • Languages: at least English or French
  • Location: the LEXUNION’s development is based on the geographical priorities determined by the board of directors.
    LEXUNION members who are already present in the country or city of candidates must give their approval.
    New members in countries where networks exist (France, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands) are integrated via these networks and not via LEXUNION.
  • Network state of mind: willingness to participate in and contribute to LEXUNION and comply with the Members’ Charter implying availability and reactivity when dealing with business and questions referred by the network’s members. Defending the colours of LEXUNION by indicating your membership in communications in the various media.


No admission fee.
An annual membership fee of 700 euros per firm (added to the proportional part of the cuote per country which amount depends on the number of firms located in it).

Membership applications

For more informations or to apply for membership :


cellphone+34 66 59 59 935

mapPaseo de la Castellana 79 – 7ª plta

E-28046 Madrid, Espagne