During its January 29th session, the Governing Board duly noted Ignacio Herrero’s resignation from his board member position as of January 1st, 2015. Obviously, Ignacio’s firm remains active internationally within Lexunion, as a member of the Spanish Lexunion España network. This newsletter provides us with another opportunity to present the Board’s recognition for the work he has accomplished for the network and to thank him for his unfailing commitment.

Juan Pedro Hoya, Lexunion España’s chairman, in office since late November 2014, was unanimously appointed by the Board members for the remainder of the mandate pursuant to Article 17 paragraph 2 in fine of the Bylaws.

The Board’s composition is therefore as follows:

  • Philippe Mauler, swisNot (CH) – (Chair)
  • Jean Vincke, Actalys (BE) – (1st Vice-chair and Treasurer)
  • Hugues Lainé Lainé & Cie (DE) – (2nd Vice-chair)
  • Ed Boerkamp, Nico (NL)
  • Juan Pedro Hoya, Lexunion España (ES)
  • Pascal Julien Saint-Amand, Althémis (FR)
  • Yves Rattaz, swisNot (CH)
  • Federico Tassinari, InSignum (IT)

In addition, Gian Vittorio Cafagno and Philippe Frésard, as, respectively, the collective members’ chair and general secretary, participate in an advisory, non-deliberative capacity in accordance with the decisions voted by the Delegate Assembly held on October 12th, 2013 in Amsterdam and by the Governing Board during its September 20th, 2013 session.